Challenges Encountered by Pediatric Nurses

Pediatric nurse, from the word “pedia” these nurses, work with young patients. They care for infant to young adults. Part of their care is by providing immunizations, giving developmental screenings and treating the common illness like tonsillitis.

Aside from being a caregiver, pediatric nurses also teach families preventive measures against childhood diseases and children’s nutrition for proper growth and development.  In general, pediatric nurses are loved by their patients but similar with the other nurses; they also face challenges at work.

What are the challenges faced by pediatric nurses?

Death of a Child

Pediatric nurses also care for patients with a more difficult medical situation such as the pediatric oncology which is the care given to children with cancer. This is the area wherein pediatric nurses are forced to deal with the death of the children on a regular basis. A certain article was released stating that oncology nurses suffer from stress and can suffer from compassion fatigue.

Stressed out Parents

Whenever a child is ill, parents are always in a state of stress and the person who deals with the stressful parents are pediatric nurses. The situation can even heighten if the child is very sick and needs to be transferred in an intensive care unit, in that instance, parents stress can reach unimaginable level. Pediatric nurses can either add to the stress or reduce the parent’s stress by interacting with them calmly and by showing empathy.

Patients Who Can’t Hear Properly

One of the toughest challenges a nurse can dealing with is patients who are hard of hearing. When a patient needs to be administrated medication and they are unable to hear that they need to take the meds things can get difficult. Nurses have many ways of dealing with this situation. One is the use a paper a pen to just write down the instructions so the patient knows it’s time to take medication. Another is to tune the hearing aid so the patient can hear. And there is also sign language.

While these are great methods for nurses. By far the easiest way to help a nurse do his or her job is if you or your family member is in the hospital and you can hear properly. Make sure if you are heard of hearing that you’ve gone and taken a reading test. For example if you live in Alberta then an audiologist in Calgary will be able to help you with a hearing test and supply you with hearing aids plus tune them in right.

Giving Pain to Children

One of the most difficult tasks pediatric nurses have to do deal with is inflicting pain on a child. The sad part is, they cannot avoid doing it because it is part of their duty as a nurse and that is to implement medical procedures. Although the procedures can be really frightening for the kids and for the parents, they are instances that they have to restrain a child from moving for the procedure.

Even in outpatient settings, pediatric nurses are causing pain to children during immunizations which are very traumatic for the kids. But, as a nurse, they have to be strong and deal with the situation calmly in order to help the child get better.

The challenges faced by pediatric nurses are really hard but still, they are seen laughing with kids and playing with them in their free time. Despite their huge responsibilities, they still see to it that they have time for their patients because that is who pediatric nurses really are. They are nurses who love kids.

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