Top 5 Safety Tips in Handling Medication

If you are watching the news or browsing the Internet, you’ll be able to see that some nurses are being sued by their patients due to wrong drug administration that results to more medical complication on the patient’s part.

Why do you think nurses are being sued when it comes to these matters?

When it comes to administering medicines, nurses are responsible for that. But, let’s face it! Nurses are humans and they are not perfect. They can make mistakes too and even the most professional nurses commit errors too when it comes to drug doses and administration.

The problem is, their mistakes have huge consequences especially if their medication worsens their patients’ condition. In this case, they will not only lose their patients trust but their license as well.

If they do not want that to happen to them, they should take note of the following tips in giving medication the safe way without harming their patients.

Always check the doctor’s order not once but twice

31 - Top 5 Safety Tips in Handling Medication

In checking the physicians’ order, make sure that it’s complete. A complete order contains the drug name, the dosage, frequency and the route of administration. If the physician’s order given is incomplete, they should never accept the information. Instead, check the order once again with the ordering physician.

Never fail to check the patient’s medication

32 - Top 5 Safety Tips in Handling Medication

They can do that by simply looking at the medicines expiry date, compare its labels to the order, and always look at the characteristics of medication. If the medication is physically outdated, they must discard the drug and get a new one.

Look for the drug interaction.

33 - Top 5 Safety Tips in Handling Medication

Most patients have to take 2-3 kinds of drugs on a daily basis. Nurses should check the drug interaction for each medication and ensure that they do not have to make any precaution by looking at their patient’s chart.

Proper computation of doses

34 - Top 5 Safety Tips in Handling Medication

The most common mistake committed by nurses always comes from the wrong computation of dosage. Prevent problems from acquiring by ensuring that the dosage is computed correctly. If they are still in doubt with their computation, they can always seek help from their co-workers.

Set aside conversation

35 - Top 5 Safety Tips in Handling Medication

Drug administration is a hard thing to do, to prevent making any mistakes; they should concentrate on their tasks and limit the conversation to ensure that they are preparing the right medication.

As they read the tips above, many nurses can surely save themselves from the humiliation of providing wrong medications.

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