Color Coding System for Nursing Students

Are you a little bit crazy about dealing with colors? If you want to be a professional nurse someday, you have to train yourself starting today on how to become organized. Being organized is a major requirement for nurses so be sure to embrace these color coding materials while you’re still a student.

Believe it or not, color coding helps a lot in the organization especially when it comes to understanding labels and tons of medical terms. Once you learned how to use the color coding system, you will realize how effective it is not only in your studies but also in your day to day life. You can always change the colors according to the meaning it represents for better memory retention and understanding. Below are the colors and meanings that you can partner up:


The color blue is great for marking important values over the texts. Keep track of the important numbers you have to retain in your head all the time.


Color green works great to mark the given examples over the texts. You can also use it to mark the best explanations for complicated concepts.


Color red adds emphasis and intensity to your deadlines and test dates. It works best for noting all your reports and requirements that are needed to be submitted.


Taking up nursing means you have to memorize tons of vocabulary together with its meanings. Highlight all the terms you have to memorize and understand in depth to spot them easier on your notes.


Tests are given all the time so be sure to highlight those things that might be included in the test.


It’s normal to encounter terms and concepts that are mind numbing and hard to understand. If you think you need to do a research to understand it better, highlight it with orange. This means you have to go back to your notes from time to time to clear every orange-marked item.

What to Use for Highlighting

1. Highlighters

This might seem unnecessary but take time to consider the use of highlighters. Instead of wasting time to highlight anything with your pen, a highlighter will do better.  Not only because it can cover up the texts better, it is also easier to distinguish the meaning of each highlighted items from the others. So, pull out your Sharpies and start coloring your black and white life in school.

2. Sticky Arrows/Notes

Sticky notes and arrows are also a handy pack to carry during lectures. Use each color to mark the pages and parts that you needed to highlight. Using these sticky arrows on your books will make your life easier when it’s time to review for exams and quizzes. Once you’re done accomplishing the things that it indicates, you can remove it without ruining a page.

Take note that you can change the meaning of each color in this color coding system depending on your liking. You can create your own and go mark everything that needed to be marked! Good luck with your organization plan and share your positive experiences with this color coding system.

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