How Can Nurses Imprint Great Memories with Patients

No one is really invincible. Why? Because even superheroes like Super Man need someone to tend to look after him after fighting Batman. Everyone needs someone to look after them in bad times and nurses are always on top of the list if you ever need extra attention.

Nurses are highly-trained and educated when it comes to taking care of patients, aside from administering the required medicine for their patients and assisting doctors in hospitals, clinics, and medical health missions. Moreover, real nurses are a full package of knowledge, experience, and tenderness.

As much as nurses are loyal to their technical duties, they should never forget how to show warmth and affection to patients. Patients become more comfortable to have nurses around and not tend to react violently if they sense compassion from the nurses that attend to them. Believe it or not, everyone can express love and compassion even to strangers and here’s how:

Be Approachable and Polite

Patients are always drawn to those approachable and polite nurses. It’s an A+ factor for nurses who know how to approach their patients by being well-mannered at all times. You could at least greet everyone you meet at the halfway most especially the patients and offer them a smile that will surely brighten up their day.

Talk with Sense

Some people like to talk, a lot without even thinking if it makes sense or not. In order words, they don’t really talk but make noise only so be different. Small talks with patients can also mean big if you talk with sense. Most patients need don’t need generic conversations; they need a genuine connection to make them feel more alive and eager to get well.

Make Eye Contact When Asking Questions

Always make eye contact with patients when you ask them questions. Show your interest in their answers even if it takes forever for them to respond. Sometimes, even the most ill-mannered patients can soften once they saw that you are there to listen and talk to them without fear.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Small Things

Remember that small things count even if it’s non-verbal. You can never tell when a simple pat on the shoulder or hand can give so much hope to patients who feel so much pain inside. Never stop doing little things that show how much you care to them.

Being around with patients doesn’t have to make you feel like counting minutes till your break time. It can be fun too for you and your patient if you have the right attitude and passion to serve others. Always laugh with your patients and exchange wisdom with them.  But, don’t forget to maintain the professional space between you and your patients.

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