How You Can Study Nursing With Minimal Budget

Thinking of taking up nursing in college but can’t afford it? Education is the most powerful weapon that every person should get and there’s nothing that can change that. Many people use poverty as their reason to stop finishing school and earning a degree but that shouldn’t be your mindset if you really aim for success.

If you want to study nursing even if your parents don’t have enough savings to send you to your chosen school, there are different ways you can achieve your dreams. Let us help you here at Peripeties-Infirmiere to study first and worry later.

Student Loan

Many schools offer student loans to allow students who don’t have enough budget to continue their studies in colleges and universities. Student loans are very popular, especially in the US. Parents and students can acquire student loans to pay within a given time frame together with its accompanied interests. Typically, student loans can be classified into 5 or more types but we’ll focus first on its 2 major classifications. Namely, student loans can be either federal or private student loan.

A.     Private Student Loan

From its name alone, private student loans are provided by private and commercial lenders like the credit union, banks, schools, and state agencies. All private student loans are unsubsidized. This is also given to students without calculating the overall amount they needed. In addition, this kind of loan is known for its high rates and very strict repayment rules so students must know how to limit the amount of money they would borrow.

B.     Federal Student Loan

This kind of loan is offered by the Department of Education to all qualified graduate and undergraduate students. Compared with the private student loan, federal loan offers lower interest rates.  A federal loan also allows overdue repayments. The amount of loan that students can get varies depending on their level of degree and verified financial need.


Scholarships based on merit are usually offered by many organizations. It is mostly pursued by students basically because they don’t have to worry about repaying it. Some also include student allowance so be resourceful when looking for a possible scholarship sponsor.


For college students with distinct financial needs, a need-based support is what they need. If you live or plan to study in the U.S. you can acquire grants by submitting your FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid to the Department of Education. To check your eligibility, check out the website of FAFSA and submit your application as soon as possible.

Part-Time Jobs

If you weren’t able to get any of the mentioned alternatives above, you can always get a part-time job to support your education and income. You can apply for a part-time job inside or off campus to fill your vacant hours.

Are you ready to face college life? Choose from these options or try each and see where you’ll pass. With these solutions, you can worry less about money and focus on reaching for your dream career.

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