Surviving the Night as a Nurse

If you’ll be asked, what do you prefer, working during the day or night? The majority will certainly answer that they want to work on day shift because they are used to that. But, these days, many professions are being required to work on night shifts schedules and nurses are included.

That’s not surprising because hospitals are open 24/7 and they need nurses to work during the night to watch over the patients. Have you ever experienced being a night nurse? If no, this article is perfect for you because sooner or later you’ll be assigned to work at night.

The first thing you need to know about working at night is that you’ll not get used to it that fast. Learning to adapt to a different sleep schedule is one of the hardest things you’ll have to face because you have to be awake when everybody is sleeping.

Don’t fret, will provide you with tips that can help you survive the night as a nurse.

Tip#1 Sleep, Sleep and Sleep

21 - Surviving the Night as a Nurse

Once you started your night shift schedule, make sure that you can get an adequate amount of sleep once you get home. To do so, you must ensure that you have an environment conducive enough for sleeping. If your room has too much sunlight, make use of curtains or blinds to darken the room. Aside from that, disconnect your things that can easily interrupt your rest like the doorbell, your phone, and other electronic devices.

Remember that it is essential for you to get some sleep, so teach your body to fall asleep during the day and for longer periods of time even with distractions.

Tip #2 Consider taking caffeinated products

22 - Surviving the Night as a Nurse

The majority of nurses working in the night are taking coffee, tea, and cola. These drinks can help them stay alert during their shift. If you are planning to drink caffeine as you head to work, take it about 20 to 35 minutes in order to improve your alert level. But, it does not mean that you should rely on caffeinated drinks and overdo it, caffeine products like coffee when consumed frequently has its own negative effects on your body.

Tip #3 Observe your health condition

23 - Surviving the Night as a Nurse

Working on night shift schedule could have a great effect on you mentally and physically if you don’t properly observe your health. According to research, shift workers in all forms of industry are at greater risk of having high blood pressure, experiencing insomnia, diabetes, menstrual irregularities, colds, and weight gain.

Tip #4 Socialize with your co-workers

24 - Surviving the Night as a Nurse

Unlike working as a nurse during the day, night nurses are more resourceful as they have lesser directors and managers on duty. Aside from that, night nurses rely upon each other so much that they end up with a special bond. Bonding with your co-workers is also beneficial on your part because your job will be a lot lighter.

As you follow these tips, you can surely survive your time as a night shift nurse. Aside from the tips stated above, you can think of other ways on how you can stay awake during the night.

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