5 Reasons Why Nursing is getting More Popular in the Past Decade

Are you happy and satisfied with your current career? Or maybe you are still in the process of choosing your course in college? If you are already satisfied with your current career, perhaps you are just curious why nursing is still one of the most in-demand jobs worldwide. But if you are still working on your plan for college, this can be a great time to know why you nursing is one of your best options.

Due to the shortage of nurses in other countries, nursing remains to be a popular choice of course. Nursing students and licensed nurses are empowered by strong motivations for choosing their career. But most all, they are driven by their desire to serve others. Aside from this, here are the top reasons why nursing is getting more popular:

Rewarding Career

Indeed, nursing may be one of the toughest careers but it’s also very rewarding. Where an average nurse can earn over $52,000 annually, a more experienced or specialized nurse can make over $72,000 annually.


You’ll never really know what kind the real challenge or work means until you get there after earning your license. On the job training while in college are indeed helpful but there’s a whole lot more to learn in the real world where nurses work in different settings. Thus, schools make sure that their nursing students are well briefed in case they will be working in a hospital, clinic, research facility, at home, insurance company as nurse coach, BPO Company, or a school.

Endless Job Offers

Since nurses are known for their flexibility to work in various working environments, make it double for experienced and specialized nurses. In case these nurses decided to shift in other work, there are endless of job offers they can apply for without a sweat.

Travel Opportunities

If you love traveling all the time, you’ll definitely enjoy travel nursing. Travel nursing is just one of the few professions that allow nurses to choose their working destinations every 3 months or so.

Public Trust

Who else do you trust when it comes to your health aside from doctors? Nurses! Being a licensed nurse is like earning the honor to be one of the most trusted people in the society.

Do you dream of becoming an educator as well someday? That would never be a problem since many nurses are also educators. You can take up teaching units and teach other nursing students or become an advanced practice nurse in the countryside.

Are you thinking now that this career is for you? What inspired you? Remember, you’ll never be out of work if you choose nursing and earn a license!

info1 - 5 Reasons Why Nursing is getting More Popular in the Past Decade
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